Places to Eat


  • Baan Kiao - good Thai food
  • Long Bay Resort - Thai / Western. Good seafood
  • Chok Dee - Thai and Western food
  • Happy Elephant -Thai / Western / Seafood
  • See Through Boutique Resort - Thai and Western
  • Seaboard Bungalows - Thai and Western

Dining with a view

  • Absolute Island - Thai and Western
  • Haad Yao Bay View Resort - Thai / Western / Seafood BBQ
  • Haad Yao Lounge - Thai / Western / Vegan

On the main road

  • Crave - Excellent burgers
  • 7-11 - Snacks
  • House People - Fusion


Reviews of Haad Yao Restaurants

About Baan Kiao: Most meals are $2-3 USDSunchaser83 - TripAdvisor

About See Through Resort: The restaurant is a bit pricey, but the food is edible enough, and the shakes are professionally made. Or Y - TripAdvisor

About Haad Yao Bay View Resort:Barbecue at night is worth a visit: lots of food for a modest price.Jenny Buxton - TripAdvisor

About Crave: The burger was fantastic and the restaurant has a pleasant atmosphereYJoel - TripAdvisor

About Long Bay Resort: the BBQ at the beach is very romantic but a little bit expensiveSchoenhals -

    Great Seafood

    Beachfront Dining

    Long Bay Resort


    seafood BBQ

    Best Burgers

    Crave cheese burger

Places to Eat in Haad Yao

Baan Kiao

If you enjoy Thai food and want to try more authentic Thai food then Baan Kiao is a good place for you. It is located at the northern end of the beach. The restaurant is attached to the resort called Baan Kiao. There is seating on the beach as well at the main restaurant area by the swimming pool. For a resort restaurant Baan Kiao restaurant is reasonably priced.

Long Bay Resort

As with all the beachfront places in Haad Yao, Long Bay Resort is a great place to watch the sunset. It is a popular restaurant with seating on the beach as well as on a raised platform overlooking the beach.

Long Bay Restaurant has a menu with plenty of Thai and Western dishes to choose from. Some of the best options are the seafood. They also do tasty vegetarian food.

Chok Dee

Chok Dee is primarily a bar that also does good food. It has a great beachfront location near the center of the beach. There is an open bar/ restaurant area made of wood with steps leading down to seating on the beach. Chok Dee serves up lively music as well as some good Thai and Western dishes such as burgers and sandwiches.

Happy Elephant

Happy Elephant is tucked away near the rocks at the northern end of Haad Yao beach. It is a restaurant on stilts overlooking the water. You can get a variety of Thai food here. Especially recommended is the seafood. Koh Phangan is an island with a healthy marine life and fishing business. Happy Elephant along with many of the other restaurants in Haad Yao take advantage of the fresh and varied seafood available to buy locally.

House People

House People is on the main road behind Haad Yao Beach. This fusion restaurant and bar has quickly established itself as a leading place to eat and drink in the area. They do great Thai food with a Western twist. They also have burgers (what burgers!), sandwiches and pasta. They make a mean cocktail and sometimes have a happy hour. The name is because they play 'cool' (groan) tunes.

See Through Boutique Resort

See through Boutique Resort has a pleasant beachfront restaurant. There is plenty of seating including more relaxed seating on cushions with low tables. They also have hammocks if you need to get horizontal. The restaurant serves a selection of Thai and Western cuisine at prices comparable with other beachfront places. Nothing particularly stands out other than the shakes.

Seaboard Bungalows

Seaboard Bungalows has a few tables and chairs on the beach, mostly of the plastic variety as well as a small sheltered area. It is a good spot for a few drinks and a snack. None of the comments that I have heard or read online are very complimentary about the restaurant at Seaboard Bungalows. It seems the manageress doesn't care.

Absolute Island

Absolute Island is a bungalow resort on the cliff at the southern end of the beach. It is a backpacker place with cheap bungalows. The restaurant is a bit of hike from the beach, but those who do it are rewarded with a great view. They serve the usual selection of Thai dishes and Western snacks such as sandwiches and burgers. They also do a breakfast deal.

Haad Yao Bayview Resort

The restaurant for Haad Yao Bay View Resort is by the swimming pool. It is set up on the hill at the northern end of the beach and has a great view across the bay. The food at the restaurant is reasonably priced. The menu has the standard list of curries, spagehtti, burgers and shakes. There is also a BBQ in the evening serving fresh seafood.

Haad Yao Lounge

Haad Yao Lounge is more than just a bar and restaurant. It is a 2 story building set back from the beach in the jungle. Downstairs it is a fitness center and a spa and upstairs it is a restaurant and bar with a great sea view and sunset view. For those who join the fitness center there is a 10% discount on food and drink.

They serve both healthy vegan food and fruit shakes as well as vegan food. They have protein shakes on the menu for those keen to build muscle. For those who want a massive calorie in take they serve tall burgers with a big pile of fries. Along with Crave this is the place to go to satisfy your burger craving.

There is a happy hour between 5pm and 7pm. They are open for breakfast lunch and dinner.


Crave is situated on the main road. It is above a shop selling clothes. It doesn't look much from the outside but this restaurant has rave reviews. It is run by a couple of Canadian women. They do large portions and specialize in Western food. People love their burgers. They also do a mean meatloaf. For desserts try the sticky rice and mango. They also do vegetarian food. To see Crave's menu and prices click here.


If you are on a tight budget while traveling in Thailand then 7-11 is a great place to get a cheap meal. They have pot noddles with free hot water, passable coffee, chips (crisps in British English), Chinese meat buns and sandwiches that are barely edible. 7-11 is also the place to pick up a cheap cold drink.

Beyond Haad Yao

There are a few other places to eat in Haad Yao. Lots of people make Haad Yao their base but like to venture away from the beach for partying and eating. It is a 10-minute motorbike ride to Thongsala. Here you can get more authentic Thai food in walking street and at the night market. It is possible to find basic rice and curry for 40 Baht in Thongsala. The main port town also has a few supermarkets that stock Western food items. The best supermarket is Tesco Lotus. On the road to Thongsala there is a small steak house called Peppercorn that has been going for several years and has a good reputation.


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