Wang Sai Waterfall

Wang Sai waterfall is in the north west of Koh Phangan. The nearest beach is Mae Haad. Those who make the effort to get to the waterfall will be rewarded by an impressive natural spectacle. It is also more than likely that you will be the only group there. Although tour groups are emerging in Koh Phangan, they are few and it is still often the case that you can go into the interior of Koh Phangan and find yourself alone.

This means that you should be prepared – bring plenty of water and sun block; and don’t set off late in the afternoon. Also don’t go walking in the jungle in flip flops.The best way to get to the waterfall is to get to Mae Haad beach and then walk into the jungle following the river. You can pick up the river about 50 meters from the beach.

Wang Sai Waterfall in Koh Phangan looks like an avalanche of boulders has occurred down a ravine. There are high rock faces beside the course of the waterfall. As with other waterfalls in Koh Phangan such as Than Sadet and Than Prawes, it is not one drop but rather a stream of water that makes its way down several levels. Some of the levels have large basins where you can cool off. There are also a few cascades that make good photo opportunities.

The limestone sedimentation creates a blue color to the cascading water at points along the course of the water. This fact makes Wang Sai Waterfall special.

It is an area untouched by development other than the blue pipes which draw off some water for irrigation and human use. There are plenty of old trees and lush forest foliage to enjoy.

A trip to Wang Sai Waterfall makes an enjoyable hour clambering up the waterfall and chilling in the rock pools; it makes a good half day excursion away from Haad Yao beach.

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