Chantima Massage
There is a certain amount of subjectivity regarding Thai massages: some people like their massage hard and verging on painful; others prefer something gentler. Thai massage probably came into being in the 19th Century as an amalgam of various Thai and Indian massage styles. However, the legend has it that the founder of Thai massage, Shivago Komarpaj, was no other than the physician to the Buddha himself.

All this aside, Chantima at Chantima Holistic Massage claims to be the ‘number 1 qualified teacher in Koh Phangan’. Her massage centre is in Hin Kong, about 10 minutes away from Haad Yao, down the coast.

It is quite a fancy massage house for Koh Phangan with tasteful décor and comfortable furniture. They are at the top end of the price spectrum for massage places in the area. They offer a wide range of spa and beauty treatments as well as traditional Thai massage. You can get a Dead Sea Mud Mask (1,200 THB) and a Himalayan Crystal Rock Scrub (800 THB). They also do foot reflexology and aromatherapy. For the full list of massages and treatments see:

For those seeking to learn more about Thai massage or to even gain qualifications to practice Thai massage in a commercial milieu, Chantima Holisitc Massage also hold training courses. Below is a list of their course times and prices for 2014.
courses for 2014
It makes a good activity to do on holiday. As with learning Thai cooking, it is a skill you can take away from your holiday and practice at home. Massage can be beneficial to the health, and definitely is a great aid in relaxing and providing relief to over-worked muscles. They also hold courses on aromatherapy and foot reflexology.

If you are staying in Haad Yao and are looking to do something productive with your time, other than work on your tan, checking out Chantima Holisitc Massage is not a bad idea.

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