Koh Phangan Wipeout

A new company has set up called Koh Phangan Wipeout that offers visitors a lot of fun for a few hours on Laem Son Lake. It is the largest lake on the island and is located just a few kilometers south of Haad Yao on the coastal road.

The lake used to be home to a small tin mine. When the mine was closed the area held little attraction for tourists. A few would venture out to use rope swings and explore the pine woods around the lake, but generally the place was deserted by tourists.

That has all changed with Koh Phangan Wipeout. They have set up a series of inflatable obstacle courses and other attractions on the lake.

There are giant red balls that you can try and cross. It is virtually impossible. There is a giant white pyramid that you can climb to the top and dive off. And then there are monkey bars in the water.

The best fun is a giant inflatable by the side of the lake. There is a high platform next to the inflatable. One person lies on the inflatable and two others jump from the platform onto the inflatable. This causes the person on the inflatable to fly through the air and into the lake. The catapulted person can get quite a lot of height and perform somersaults in the air.

Koh Phangan Wipeout doesn’t currently have a website. You can find out more by visiting their Facebook page.

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