Haad Yao Lounge

Haad Yao Lounge is a restaurant, a bar, a spa and a gym. It seems unlikely that a place that purports to fulfill so many different service needs can be any good; but it is. Trip Advisor rates Haad Yao Lounge as the 19th best restaurant on the island. As of February 2013, Haad Yao Lounge had 36 reviews, most of which were very positive.

Haad Yao Lounge, Fitness and Sauna is located at the southern end of Haad Yao, just off the main road. It is on elevated land in the jungle. There are great views, especially in the early evening when the sun dips below the horizon.

The fitness area takes in the great view. It is an open area that benefits from sea breezes. There are 17 machines to use including the only treadmill on the island. The machines and weights are spread over 3 different areas. This means you can choose your type of exercise as well as location for your work out. It is an impressive gym for Koh Phangan. For those really keen on exercise there is a 10% discount for becoming a member. The membership card also entitles the holder to a 10% discount on food and drink.

The Lounge is a beautiful area with wooden floors, large balcony and comfortable sofas. They serve Thai and Western food. For those not concerned about the calories there are delicious burgers. For those wanting to keep their body as a temple there are healthy juices and shakes on offer as well as vegan food and protein shakes.

Between 5pm and 7 pm there is the ‘Sunset Happy Hour’ when you can get Chang and Leo beer for 50 Thai Baht and cocktails for 99 Thai Baht. For those looking to party or share a drink the drinks menu includes Sangsom (200 THB), Vodka (250 THB) and Mai Tai (400 THB) buckets to enjoy. The Lounge is a great place to hang out after exercise as well as a good spot to include on the itinerary of a big night out in Haad Yao. To help with the fun there is a great pool table in the bar as well as cable TV.

The spa is also impressive. They offer 2 herbal saunas. They are in private rooms with showers. The herbal saunas use 15 different herbs. Between Tuesday and Sunday there are yoga classes. These are on the balcony using soft mats. The instructors practice Ashtanga Yoga. The only thing the spa section of the business doesn’t provide is Thai massage. I am sure this absence will be addressed in the future.

The real success of Haad Yao Lounge is not its exercise machines or saunas but the care and thought put into the business by the owners Pete and Nang. If you are in Haad Yao you should definitely check out Haad Yao Lounge.

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