The biggest draw for Koh Phangan is the Full Moon Party. It is an event that started off as just a small party for a few hippies on Haad Rin beach in the late 1980s. Over the last 30 years it has escalated into the biggest outdoor rave in South East Asia. There is nothing quite like the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party anywhere else in the world. Attending at least one FMP has become a bucket list item for many.

However, now that we live in the age of information people are fussier than ever about the details of their holiday. I have always just turned up in Koh Phangan and found a bungalow to rest my head. This is not an option for many: especially those who have only a few days in paradise before they are back to the grindstone of 9 to 5. They want to confirm all the details about where they are staying, the amenities available, the activities on offer, and the cost before they leave home.

For many the thought of staying in Haad Rin during the Full Moon Party does not appeal. It is not hard to find out or to imagine that during the night and following day of the party Haad Rin is a very noisy and riotous place. There are also plenty of stories of bungalows being robbed during the party. The ideal situation is to be able to go to the party and then to leave when you have had enough of dancing, drinking and socializing. And when you get back to your bungalow you want peace and quiet. You don’t want the noise, trash or party just outside your bungalow.

This is why Haad Yao is attractive for many. It is a long beach with white sand. There are plenty of rooms on the beach and rooms overlooking the beach. There is a choice between cheap bungalows at places such as Easylife Bungalows and Haad Yao Bayview Resort, mid-range places like Long Bay Resort and luxury places like See Through Boutique Resort. Haad Yao is just 10 minutes away from the amenities of Thongsala, and of course there is a good road between Haad Yao and the Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. There are taxis going all night between the two beaches, and the journey takes about 30 minutes.

Trip Advisor is full of comments by people who say Haad Yao is too far from the party, a bit remote; that the taxis are expensive etc. These comments need to be taken with a pinch of salt. People who haven’t minded the journey are far less motivated to write a review on TA. Moreover it is the distance between the two beaches that makes Haad Yao so peaceful and enjoyable to hang around during the day.

After all, the Full Moon Party is for many a-once-in-a-lifetime event. It is worth the 30 minute journey and $15.

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