The Scandal
The Scandal

Crave has become one of the leading restaurants on Koh Phangan in terms of popularity. The restaurant in Haad Yao serves large portions, uses the best ingredients and has friendly and efficient staff. If you are in Haad Yao and want some comfort food, check out Crave. They have their own website. And unlike virtually every other restaurant on Koh Phangan they publish their menu and prices.

Hats off to Crave. Here is the menu for those keen to check out in advance what the restaurant has to offer.


Homemade fries 80 THB
Green salad and balsamic vinaigrette 80 THB
Jalapenos and cheese quesadilla 140 THB
Chicken nuggets and dips120 THB
Hummus 120 THB
Smoked salmon 150 THB
Falafel plate 130 THB
Chicken wings 130 THB
Poutine (French fries, gravy and cheese) 130 THB

Burgers and Sandwiches (add 50 THB for a side of poutine)

The Classic 180 THB
The Cheesy cheddar 200 THB
The Hotty 200 THB
The Vic’s (with blue cheese) 210 THB
The Med (with feta, olives & hummus) 210 THB
The Deluxe (with bacon and blue cheese) 220 THB
The Crave (with onion rings and bacon) 220 THB
The Sweet Pete (with pineapple) 200 THB
The Surf and Turf (with cream cheese & smoked salmon) 250 THB
The Animal (with 2 beef patties, coleslaw, egg & crispy onions) 250 THB
The Fat Betty (with 2 beef patties and cheddar cheese) 260 THB
The Scandal (with 2 beef patties, mozzarella, double bacon & fried onions) 300 THB
Pulled Pork Sandwich (with mozzarella) 200 THB

Kids Meals (served with fries)

Mini burger 140 THB
Mini chicken nuggets 130 THB


Cesar salad
Cesar salad

Tuna salad 180 THB
Greek salad 170 THB
Caesar salad 180 THB
Mixed salad 180 THB
Med salad (chicken or tuna) 200 THB


BBQ Sangsom pork ribs 230 THB
White flesh fish fillet 220 THB
Beef tartare 240 THB
Beef kabab wrap or falafel wrap 200 THB


Key lime mousse
Key lime mousse

Ice cream 80 THB
Warm apple crumble 100 THB
Key lime mousse 100 THB
Chocolate brownie (with ice cream) 110 THB
Carrot cake 110 THB
New York cheese cake 130 THB

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